Obscura Day 2015: Explore the Wabasha Street Caves - Atlas Obscura
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St. Paul, Minnesota

Obscura Day 2015: Explore the Wabasha Street Caves

From silica mines to mushrooms, prohibition-era gangsters to disco...

Venture underground with us into the gangster-haunted caves beneath Wabasha Street.

Join us this Obscura Day to explore the original mined and finished Wabasha Street Caves, which have seen numerous uses over the decades. In the 1840s the natural silica was mined from the cave to make glass, in the early 1900s a mushroom farm was established by a French family,and in the 70s the caves were a disco hot spot! Today the caves are a popular event spot, and are allegedly haunted by the ghosts of gangsters....

Saturday, May 30; 12:00 - 12:45pm
Ticket Cost: $6
The Wabasha Street Caves
215 Wabasha Street South
St. Paul, Minnesota 55107