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Gloucester, Massachusetts

Obscura Day 2015: Hammond Castle

Learn about the Middle Ages from rogue historian Dan Veksler of Other World Tours while exploring one of the best kept secrets of quirky New England.

Visit Hammond Castle this Obscura Day with rogue historian Dan Veksler of Other World Tours!

Off a country road in the seaside woods of Magnolia, MA, on a high cliff overlooking the ocean stands Hammond Castle - a real castle built in the late 1920’s from sections of authentic European Medieval buildings by the legendary architect Charles Collens (of The Cloisters Museum in NYC, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston).

The castle was built as a residence for the equally legendary and eccentric inventor John Hays Hammond, known as the “father of remote control”, as well as for his collection of Medieval art and artifacts. Hammond invented SONAR and designed the first guided missiles and torpedoes. He also created one of the first electric church organs, which is built directly into the castle. Among the highlights of the museum’s collection are the skull of one of Columbus’ crew mates from the original 1492 voyage to the Americas, art from the Roman Empire, the European Middle Ages and Renaissance, and the personal effects of J.H. Hammond and his wife.

This unparalleled collection of Medieval art and artifacts set in a casual and authentic setting is mixed together with Walmart garden store-style kitsch, as the unique atmosphere of the castle is offset by the ultra-quirky, small town New England-style of the museum’s curation.

Saturday, May 30; 10:00am - 12:00pm
Ticket Cost: $20
Meet-up will be in the Hammond Castle parking lot at the top of the hill at 10:00am.
80 Hesperus Avenue, Gloucester, Massachusetts, 01930