Obscura Day 2015: Knight's Spider Web Farm - Atlas Obscura

Williamstown, Vermont

Obscura Day 2015: Knight's Spider Web Farm

Join us as we explore "the original website"; the world's only spider web farm!

The Spider Web Farm is not your usual tourist attraction.

When you drive up to the end of Spider Web Farm RD you’ll see a somewhat “shabby” old red barn and several sheds with hanging racks that look like small pane windows. Pull into the area and you’ll see a “Spider Crossing” sign going off into the woods. You may be met at the barn door by Will Knight, fondly called "the oldest spider web collector in the world”, waiting to greet you with a cheery "Come in!" or perhaps even a "Shalom".

If the weather is warm, sunny and not too windy Will might be able to show you how he collects and preserves the spider webs he captures in his sheds. Weather conditions are critical to the collecting process and a warm sunny day will usually bring out the spiders. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, Will will still give you a "tour” and tell you all he knows about spiders and their webs. Webs are available for sale and visitors may spend as long as they like listening to Will’s stories. This is a simple and special place, and Will looks forward to meeting you and learning a little bit about his guests in addition to talking spiders.


  • Saturday, May 30; visitors are welcome from 11am - 5pm
  • Tours will be short and sweet, and depend on the weather since the collecting process must be viewed from outdoors.
  • There is no charge, but finished webs are available for purchase in the store!

Knight's Spider Web Farm is located at 124 Spider Web Farm Road, Williamstown, Vermont, 05679