Obscura Day 2015: Mysteries of Paris - Night Walk - Atlas Obscura
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Paris, France

Obscura Day 2015: Mysteries of Paris - Night Walk

Join us for a very special after-dark tour of Paris.

Join Mysteries of Paris Tours this Obscura Day to explore the Darkside of the City of Lights.

Mysteries of Paris – Night Walk

Mysteries of Paris Tours specialize in the night walk…Here we will explore many legends of the Marais and right bank including the “Bathory of Paris”, lost heads and the assassinations of a King, the suicide and haunting of Gerard du Nerval, the Rat Trap shop, and tour St. Jacques and the lost cemetery of the Innocents.

Saturday, May 30; 9:00 - 11:00pm
Ticket Cost: €20 / €50 to participate in all three Obscura Day Mysteries of Paris tours
Meeting Point: La place du Châtelet, Victoria fountain
Guide: Sebastiaan de Sade, author and founder of Mysteries of Paris
This tour is strictly 16+!