Obscura Day 2015: Porter Sculpture Park - Atlas Obscura

Montrose, South Dakota

Obscura Day 2015: Porter Sculpture Park

Explore Wayne Porter's surreal roadside gallery of large-scale metal sculptures.

Join us for a guided tour of over 50 massive metal sculptures at the Porter Sculpture Park!

This Obscura Day, join artist Wayne Porter for a guided tour of Porter Sculpture Park, a roadside gallery of the artist's own monumental iron creations. From the 60-foot tall bull's head to the jack-in-the-box crying tears of blood, the massive frog presented mid-dissection to the skeletal minotaur guards, Porter has created an other-worldly array of creatures, comprised for the most part of old scrap metal and disused agricultural and railroad equipment. Porter will be present on site to discuss his various creations, as well as his latest project - a fifty foot tall welded metal horse.

Saturday, May 30; Open Admission 8am - 8pm
Cost: $4 donation on arrival
Please RSVP in advance!
Porter Sculpture Park
25700 451st Ave
Montrose, South Dakota 57048