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Indianapolis, Indiana

Obscura Day 2015: The Indiana Medical History Museum

Join us this Obscura Day for a presentation of strange and curious medical artifacts in the historic amphitheater of the Indiana Medical History Museum!

Join us for a very special presentation in the 19th-century teaching amphitheater of the oldest surviving pathology facility in the nation.

The Indiana Medical History Museum is housed in what was at one time a medical school in the old pathology building of the Central State Hospital for the Insane. Painstakingly preserved, the museum acts as a time capsule, portraying the facilities of the medical school as they existed over 100 years ago, including the historic autopsy room, amphitheater, laboratories, vintage medical instruments and tools of the era.

This Obscura Day, the Indiana Medical History Museum welcomes us to their historic amphitheater for a special presentation of strange and curious artifacts from the museum's collections. The presentation may feature human remains, Civil War-era amputation kits, phrenology handbooks, quack medicines, and even an electroshock machine!


Saturday, May 30; 2:15pm - 2:45pm
Ticket cost: FREE, but capacity is limited - please remember to RSVP!
Anyone who wishes to stay and explore the museum further may take a regular tour at 3:00pm. Tickets for the tour cost $10, and will be available for purchase at the museum following our special Obscura Day presentation.

The Indiana Medical History Museum is located in the Old Pathology Building on the grounds of the former Central State Hospital on the near westside of Indianapolis.
3045 Vermont Street, Indianapolis, Indiana 46222