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Santa Cruz, California

Obscura Day 2015: The Kingdom of Boomeria

Enter a magical world of science, music and history as we explore the Kingdom of Boomeria!

Explore a science teacher's home-built castle of learning and discovery in the Santa Cruz redwoods!

Preston Boomer is the science teacher you always wished you had. Mr. Boomer, who goes by the nickname "Boom," taught science at the San Lorenzo Valley High School for over 50 years, but for Boom and his students the fun of learning extended beyond the walls of the high school and into a magical world of science, music, history and epic water battles, all created by Boom and his students over nearly half a century.

A kind of medieval science kingdom,"Boomeria" has its own castle, cannons, catacombs and an enormous 19th- century pipe organ, restored by Boom and his class in the 1950s. With 40 ranks and 2,500 pipes offering nearly every kind of organ sound, the organ is nearly exactly like a medieval organ and is a site to behold in and of itself. Next to the organ chapel is a three story castle, complete with mock dungeons and 140 meters of catacombs running beneath. The catacombs let out into various other parts of Boomeria, including the Great Hall, the Engine Room, The laboratory and CIC, and make a convenient way to travel across Boomeria.

This Obscura Day, Boom and the Kingdom of Boomeria will open their doors, allowing folks to explore the Castle and the catacombs and play on the carousel, the swings, and the slide of death.

Boom will demonstrate the 40 rank Baroque Pipe Organ, and even allow any visiting keyboard musicians a chance to play.

Bring your own picnic to enjoy on the grounds, a swimsuit to swim in the four meter deep reservoir and a flashlight to explore the Catacombs - just avoid stepping on the salamander family below!


Saturday, May 30; tours starting at 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm!
Cost: FREE, but space is limited. Please remember to RSVP!
The Kingdom of Boomeria
60 Verde Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95060