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Cuenca, Ecuador

Obscura Day 2015: The Ruins of Ingapirca

Explore an ancient Incan temple of the sun.

Join Cazhuma Tours for an Obscura Day excursion to the most important and well-preserved Incan complex in Ecuador.

The Incan people arrived in the area that would come to be Ingapirca in the 15th- century only to find that they were not alone. The area was already inhabited by the native Cañari, who immediately came into conflict with the Incans. While the invading force soundly trounced the native peoples, they miraculously did not wipe them out. In sharp contrast to European colonization techniques, the Inca allowed their community to merge with the Cañari. This new hybrid community then grew into the city now known as Ingapirca. Among the interesting remainders of the merged culture are what seem to be two separate Temples of the Sun, each one catering to the beliefs and culture of a separate group of worshippers.

The largest structure still standing on the site is one of the aforementioned Temples of the Sun. The temple appears to have been built at such an angle that the sun would have shone directly into the doorway during the solstices. Similarly advanced engineering design is also on display in the startling underground aqueduct system that was able to supply the whole community with water.

Join Cazhuma Tours this Obscura Day to explore the astounding ruins of Ingapirca. As we head out on the Pan-American Highway from Cuenca we'll drive across Biblian, home to an astonishing hilltop cathedral constructed just above the rock, and pay a visit to an Indigenous family to view the process of making traditional straw hats before arriving at the ancient site of Ingapirca.

Lunch will be included in a local restaurant on our way back to Cuenca.

Saturday, May 30; 8:00am - 5:00pm
Ticket Cost: $50
Ticket cost covers roundtrip transportation, an English-speaking guide and lunch.
Park entrance fee ($6) and drinks are not included.
Meet-up will be at 8:00am at the Cazhuma Tours office