Obscura Day 2015: Underwater Wonders of Mermet Springs - Atlas Obscura
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Belknap, Illinois

Obscura Day 2015: Underwater Wonders of Mermet Springs

Visit this unexpected diver's paradise without getting wet!

Mermet Springs is an old quarry filled with water and other things—other things like prehistoric fish, airplanes, trucks, a fire engine, a motorcycle, an ambulance and... well, you'll see.

Mermet Springs offers diving and classes for any level of diver, and they're dedicated to providing a safe and enriching experience for all who come. Snorkeling and SCUBA divers can dive on objects as large as an actual 727 (from the movie U.S. Marshalls), or find smaller items like Tonka trucks. They can even do some underwater geocaching.

For Obscura Day, we've arranged a special tour for those who aren't ready to get in the water. Meet with founder Glen Faith and have a tour of the facility, learn its unusual history, and see how it all works. If you'd like to get wet afterwards, Mermet Springs will be happy to accommodate you.

If you are interested in snorkeling or SCUBA, that's available as well, but our tour is intended to provide an introduction to this unique dive spot for those who ordinarily would feel left out. 


  • This event is part of International Obscura Day 2015
  • Atlas Obscura staff will not be on site
  • Open for all ages
  • Tour does not include diving, but diving is available
  • There is food onsite


Saturday, May 30, 1PM-2PM
Tickets: FREE

Questions? Contact jeff@atlasobscura.com