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Rome, Italy

Obscura Day 2015: Vigna Randanini

Join us for an exclusive tour of the Jewish catacombs of Rome.


The Jewish Catacombs were discovered in 1859 on the property then known as the "Vigna Randanini" between the via Appia Antica and via Appia Pignatelli. They are one of seven known complexes utilized for Jewish burials. Today they are closed to the public and may only be visited with special permission.

These catacombs, like their Christian and pagan counterparts, are a series of underground burial galleries with tombs carved into the soft volcanic stone of the area. The deceased were interred in painted loculi, cubicula, and kokhim. The presence of the kokhim set these catacombs apart from the catacombs of other religions. They are deep chambers in which the deceased would be buried perpendicular to the wall.

This Obscura Day, join the International Catacomb Society for a very special tour of Vigna Radnani. We'll start at the exterior mausoleum on the via Appia Pignatelli before continuing through several of the wider galleries to reach the areas containing the kokhim graves and cubicula. The cubicles are painted with flower and animal motifs, but several also feature typically Jewish subjects like the Ark of the Covenant and the menorah.

Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a flashlight or lamp.

Saturday, May 30; 4:30 - 6:30pm
Ticket Cost: €35.00
The address of the Jewish catacomb is the via Appia Pignatelli, no. 4.
We'll be meeting in front of San Sebastiano church.

The catacomb can be reached by public transportation using the following routes: bus 218 from San Giovanni in Laterano to the catacomb of San Callisto or 118 from the Ostiense subway/train station to the church and catacombs of San Sebastiano. From these points, take a left into the vicolo della basilica di San Sebastiano and follow this lane to the corner; the gates to the catacomb are on the first left.