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Chicago, Illinois

Obscura Day 2015: Walking in the Footsteps of Leopold and Loeb

Join us as we revisit what was called "The Crime of the Century".

It was a crime that captured headlines across the United States and even inspired an Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

On May 21, 1924, in the city of Chicago, a young boy went missing. He was walking in the late afternoon between his school and his house, one of Kenwood’s many mansions.  Later that night his father received a phone call informing him that his son, Bobby Franks, had been kidnapped but could be ransomed for ten thousand dollars. The next morning, south of the city, near Wolf Lake, a man saw a human foot sticking out from the edge of a culvert.

Suspicion soon fell on two wealthy University of Chicago students, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. Had these young men of wealth and education killed Franks, as they claimed, for the “thrill of it”? Could famed death penalty opponent Clarence Darrow save them from the gallows? What is the enduring legacy of what the press dubbed the Crime of the Century? 

The minds behind the Pocket Guide to Hell invite you to return to the scene of the crime. Join us for a tour of the Kenwood neighborhood that will visit, among other places, the site of the kidnapping, the Harvard School, the Franks house, and, of course, the homes of Leopold and Loeb. 


  • Tour starts at the NW corner of 49th & Ellis
  • Subject matter may not be appropriate for children
  • Comfortable walking shoes recommended
  • Rain or shine
  • All sales final

Saturday, May 30, 5PM-7PM
Tickets: $15

Questions? Contact jeff@atlasobscura.com