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Roscahill, Ireland

Obscura Day 2016: Brigit's Celtic Garden

Delve into ancient Celtic civilization in a bewitching 11 acre garden.

Brigit's Garden is widely regarded as one of the most spectacular gardens in Ireland, set within 11 acres of native woodland & wildflower meadows. A walk through the gardens is a journey through the cycle of the year, each garden representing one of the Celtic festivals: Samhain, Imbolc, Bealtaine and Lughnasa.

This seasonal cycle mirrors the cycle of life from conception to old age and death. These are wildlife gardens, designed to reflect the West of Ireland landscape and managed to encourage biodiversity. The Garden's features are based on Celtic mythology and include: stone circles, thatched roundhouses, herb garden, a ring fort (fairy fort), a nature trail with Celtic tree lore,  children's discovery trail, a stone chamber and a calendar sundial, the largest in Ireland.

Join us for an Obscura Day tour of the gardens and a demonstration of a traditional Irish craft, the weaving of a Brigit's cross from rushes. Afterwards, attendees are welcome to stay and enjoy the gardens or enjoy fresh food in the cafe.

Saturday, April 16; 11:00am - 12:00pm
Ticket Cost: €7.00

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