Obscura Day 2016: Curious Nature - Atlas Obscura
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Phoenix, Arizona

Obscura Day 2016: Curious Nature

Find everything you need to create your very own curiosity cabinet at this natural history and taxidermy emporium.

From preserved octopi in a jar to freeze-dried toad, tanned bison scrotum to taxidermy ducklings; Curious Nature is an oasis for collectors of oddities and natural history specimens in the Southwest.

This Obscura Day, Curious Nature has invited us to join them for an open house and a tour of their new, larger location. Guests will have a chance to view the projects they do in-house such as insect pinning and mounting, as well as an opportunity to meet the shop's very own flesh-eating beetle colony! 

Saturday, April 16; 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Attendance is free and anyone is welcome to come at any time.
Shopping is welcome!
RSVP is highly encouraged.

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