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Rocksprings, Texas

Obscura Day 2016: The Devil's Sinkhole

Explore a sacred cavern, home to the ancient dead.

A registered National Natural Landmark since 1985, the Devil's Sinkhole plunges a remarkable 400 feet into the earth and has a 40'x60' opening, making it the largest single-chambered cavern in the state of Texas. Significant archeological evidence found in the area indicates that the sinkhole was once a sacred burial site for Native Americans, and in summer months millions of Mexican Free-Tailed bats call the cavern home and emerge en masse each night as dusk arrives.

Join the Devil's Sinkhole Society this Obscura Day for a nature tour and guided hike of this truly impressive cavern as we delve into the fascinating history and unique ecology of the area.

Saturday, April 16; 10:00am - 1:00pm
Ticket Cost: $10

Bring water, sunscreen and a picnic lunch!

All Sales are Final.

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