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Kansas City, Kansas

Obscura Day 2016: Explore the Wild Turkey

Explore the Turkey Creek bed with the Turkey Creek Institute for Phenomenal Awareness.

Travel through time with us to see how a city's important waterway gets molded and tamed as we explore the battle over the future of this nearly forgotten creek.

This Obscura Day, the Turkey Creek Institute for Phenomenal Awareness will take us on an exploratory quest through the hydrologic and architectural mysteries of an often unnoticed city creek. 

Rubber boots will be mandatory for water & tunnel walking, some will be provided on a first come first serve basis.

This is an outdoor event, so come properly dressed for the climate!

Saturday, April 16; 1:30pm - 3:00pm

Ticket Cost: $12.00
$20 combo ticket includes entry to the Wild Wicker Sons Foundry & the Saint Simon Subterranean Celebration!

Meet-up will be in the Strasser Hardware Parking Lot
910 Southwest Blvd
Kansas City, Kansas 66103

All Sales are Final.

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