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New York, New York

Obscura Day 2016: Gemini & Scorpio presents The Grand Victorian Banquet & Ball

Our friends at Gemini & Scorpio invite you to celebrate Obscura Day with a trip back to the delicacies and grandeur of the 19th century.

The Grand Victorian Banquet and Ball, presented by Gemini and Scorpio for Obscura Day 2016:

Join us as we travel back in time to the 1830s, to an elegant country resort a short carriage ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city (which at that time extended only as far north as 14th Street).

We will begin the night with an informal reception, where guests can enjoy delightful punch and a guided tour through the garden and beautifully preserved mansion. A historically accurate dinner will be served 8-9:30pm, featuring multiple courses and wines, and a small lecture on Victorian dining from our chef and expert Rebecca Leigh Silverman. Afterwards, we open the doors to the secret ballroom, where at 10pm the orchestra will strike up a waltz, and we will twirl in candlelight until 1am. More punch will be served.

Your ticket includes all food and drink, and access to both banquet and ball. Separate ball-only tickets are also available.

Dress code: 19th century ballroom, formal or military (for men)--or as close as you can get with modern formal.

About our chef:
Rebecca Leigh Silverman has over 20 years experience working in living history museums as an historic culinary expert. She specializes in period hearthside cooking and libations. When not cooking in the past, she's a Brooklyn based bartender, trying odd old recipes out on her modern day customers and talking about the perfect sazerac.

About our venue:
Constructed in 1799 as a carriage house for a 23-acre estate, and converted into the Mount Vernon Hotel in 1826, this stone building sits on land originally owned by Colonel William Stephens Smith, and his wife Abigail Adams Smith, daughter of John Adams. The hotel operated until 1833, at which point the house became the home for three generations of a New York City family.

About Gemini and Scorpio:
Since 2002, Gemini and Scorpio have been running the second-largest non-commercial New York City events list, spreading the word on underground happenings you'd otherwise never hear about. They are also the creators of immersive themed costume parties with live entertainment: legendary happenings from wild circus throwdowns to dazzling vintage dance socials to one-of-a-kind Russian baths bashes. In 2012, they renovated and opened the Gemini and Scorpio Loft, an independent 2,000sq ft arts space in Gowanus, Brooklyn, that provides affordable space for theater, dance, parties and music.

Official site: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
Purchase tickets: http://victorianball.brownpapertickets.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1132275536804431
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio #gsgrandball

Location: Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, 421 E 61st St
Banquet: 7-9pm, Ball 9pm-1am; Admission: $95 for both, $45 for Ball only

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