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Klosterneuburg, Austria

Obscura Day 2016: Gugging House of Artists Tour

An exclusive tour and workshop inside one of the world's most unique artistic spaces.

The Gugging House of Artists began in 1954, with psychiatrist Leo Navaratil. Struck by the expressive quality of his patient’s diagnostic drawings, he became interested in encouraging the creative power of the persons under his care. In 1981, he invited a group of his talented patients to move into a special home on the edge of the residential hospital grounds, which was promptly decorated inside and out. In its modern iteration, the Gugging House still serves as a workspace and home base for a group of artists committed to pure and authentic creation.

On Obscura Day, join us for a guided tour of the House of Artists and its magical surroundings, including the unique work of famed Gugging artist August Walla. We will visit the actual exhibitions at the museum and gallery, getting to know artworks created by two generations of Gugging Artists, but also see Art Brut from as far as Japan and Switzerland. The tour will end in a workshop, where participants will create individual travel collages and postcards using experimental techniques inspired by the striking work surrounding them.

Saturday, April 16; 10:00am -3:00pm
Ticket Cost: €20

Gugging House of Artists
Am Campus 2
Klosterneuburg, 3400, Austria

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