Obscura Day 2016: Tour Minneapolis' House of Balls - Atlas Obscura
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Minneapolis, Minnesota

Obscura Day 2016: Tour Minneapolis' House of Balls

Join us in exploring sculptor Allen Christian's "House of Balls", a funhouse of found art and participatory sculpture.

This Obscura Day, get to know "the Willy Wonka of Twin Cities art".

Allen Christian began the House of Balls almost 30 years ago as a physical incarnation of his idea that, "we all possess the creative impulse and we owe ourselves the balls to express it". Join us for an interactive exploration of Allen's masterpiece, the ever-evolving House of Balls - and if you have any odd objects that you would like to be given a new lease on life, bring them with and gift them to Allen. He appreciates you already!

Saturday, April 16; 11:00am - 4:00pm
The House of Balls is located at 1504 S. 7th Street, Minneapolis, MN
The studio abuts the Cedar Riverside LRT stop on the Blue Line.
This is a free, self-guided tour - attendees are encouraged to explore on their own time frame. Touching is appropriate and highly recommended.

The artist will be available to answer any and all questions, but don't be surprised if you're asked a question or two in exchange. After all, this is an interactive experience.

RSVP is highly encouraged.

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