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Bozeman, Montana

Obscura Day 2016: Inside the American Computer Museum

See the computer’s history revealed over the course of 20,000 years.

“To collect, preserve, interpret, and display the artifacts and history of the information age.”

That is the mission of the American Computer Museum, founded by husband and wife George and Barbara Keremedjiev. Although the computer has worked its way into nearly every facet of daily life, the American Computer Museum is one of only two museums in the U.S. dedicated to the history of the computer (the other being the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley).

For many people, the esoteric language and pervasive status of computers creates confusion and an apprehension towards technology. The American Computer Museum aims to demystify the machine by showing its evolution as a natural extension to human development. From the ancient writing system of the Sumerians to early versions of the calculator, the museum connects key historical developments to weave an intricate tale of how the computer was born and subsequently changed the course of civilization.

Join us on Obscura Day to explore a 20,000-year timeline detailing the origins and history of the information age. We'll receive a guided tour of the museum's extensive collections, with highlights including an operator’s switchboard, Montana’s oldest telephone and calculator, antique office appliances, Arithmometers, adding machines, and dozens of mainframes and personal computers. Our tour will also coincide with the opening of the museum's latest exhibit, Hacking Hitler’s Code, featuring actual World War II Military Encryption/Decryption Hardware and an original German Enigma Machine!

Saturday, April 16; 9:00am -9:45am
Ticket Cost: $5

American Computer Museum
2023 Stadium Drive, Suite 1A
Bozeman, Montana 59715

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