Obscura Day 2016: Kansas City Day Pass - Atlas Obscura
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Kansas City, Missouri

Obscura Day 2016: Kansas City Day Pass

The golden ticket to a full day of exploration and wonder, with exclusive entry to our underground wrap party!

Join us for a full day of adventure as we explore a carefully curated lineup of hidden wonders in the greater Kansas City area!

The Kansas City Obscura Society has organized an incredible lineup of events for April 16th, and this full day pass is the only way to experience all the local wonder that Obscura Day has to offer.

The Kansas City Obscura Day Pass includes:
- The Rollins Puppet Cave of Wonder
- Explore the Wild Turkey
- The Wild Wicker Sons Foundry

And exclusive entrance to our Saint Simon Subterranean Celebration!

Day passes are extremely limited, so sign up now if you don't want to miss out.

Check out our full lineup of amazing adventures taking place all around the world on Obscura Day, our annual celebration of discovery!

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