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Tumbaco, Ecuador

Obscura Day 2016: Dine in Darkness

Dine in a cave 30 feet below the volcano Ilaló, in the highlands of Ecuador.

Intensify your senses in the darkness!

"La casa de Rafa" (Rafa’s Home) is an unconventional restaurant located on the slopes of the inactive volcano Ilaló, in the highlands of Ecuador. The beautiful scenery surrounding this location and the unique architecture of the restaurant –a round building made of wooden logs– are the first aspects to captivate the sight, but there’s still much more than meets the eye.

Upon entering this peculiar architecture, one encounters a relaxing atmosphere: a cozy space, full of life and light with a stunning view over the Valley of Tumbaco. The restaurant serves typical Ecuadorian comfort food, bringing a genuine “homemade” touch to every preparation. However, this is not the only aspect that has made this a highly popular destination.

For the more adventurous out there, there is “La Cueva de Rafa” (Rafa’s Cave), an adjacent alternative restaurant built 30 feet below ground level, where you will have the opportunity to eat in complete darkness, where the senses of taste, touch, hearing and smell gradually intensify. Your visit will be hosted by blind servers, who will escort you to your table and verbally guide you through the menu. For those who don’t mind an extra thrill, the restaurant also offers a “secret dish”, where you’ll have to discover for yourself what you have been served. Eating with your hands is highly recommended, for using silverware can be tricky in absolute darkness.

On Obscura Day 2016, Rafael Wild – founder of the restaurant and pioneer of the singular concept in Ecuador – will join the guests at the “Cave” after lunch for a guided tour of the restaurant and a lighthearted conversation about the awe-inspiring journey that his creation has been. At the end of the event the lights will be turned on at the Cave, a rarely seen occurrence.

Saturday, April 16: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Ticket Cost: 35 USD (cash at the door), RSVP required, please register below
Includes “Secret Menu” + glass of wine or champagne; vegetarian alternative included

La casa de Rafa
Via Pestalozzi

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