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Salem, Oregon

Obscura Day 2016: Oregon State Hospital Museum of Mental Health

Explore 130+ years of mental health treatment through the collections of a historic asylum.

Oregon State Hospital was established as the state insane asylum in 1883, and has housed and treated patients with persistent mental health problems ever since. In 2009, a committee of concerned citizens rallied for the creation of a museum to collect and preserve the stories and artifacts of patients and workers of the hospital, and in 2012 the Museum of Mental Health opened its doors.

The non-profit Museum of Mental Health is located in the oldest remaining building of the original asylum and is brimming with historical mementos left by those who lived and worked in the hospital over the last 130 years, from patients’ possessions and straitjackets to antique medicines and outdated treatment devices. 

Join us for a special Obscura Day tour as we delve into the museum's past and explore the history of mental health treatment through a collection of artifacts that are personal, moving, and at times deeply unsettling.


Saturday, April 16; 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Cost: FREE, but space is limited. Please remember to RSVP!

Oregon State Hospital's Museum of Mental Health
2600 Center St NE
Salem, Oregon, 97301

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