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Mexico City, Mexico

Obscura Day 2016: Nota Roja Mexico City

Join us for a nighttime walking tour through downtown Mexico City to discover the sites and stories behind the city's most infamous crimes.

A jilted bride who murdered her groom on her wedding day, the name of a street that recalls a deadly crime, a count who buried his daughter on a fountain, a woman who committed suicide fearing the change of the century and a group of stingy elders assaulted by the police. Travel with us in time through Mexico City’s streets to hear the stories behind the most infamous and unusual crimes, murders and deaths of the city's past.

As the sun sets on Obscura Day, we will walk through the streets, alleys and plazas which have witnessed lugubrious stories of Mexico City's past, unknown by most. Our tour will include an opportunity to visit a church which once functioned as a theater, the curious green wall of the city and the exact point where Hernan Cortes and Moctezuma met.

Our trip begins at Plaza Regina, in front of Regina Coeli’s Temple doors. There you will find your guides, Mario Yair and Citlali, who with the help of historic photographs will illustrate the extraordinary, surreal and dark stories of Mexico City's “Nota Roja”.

Saturday, April 16; 7:30pm - 10:00pm
Ticket Cost: 200 Pesos (~$11.50 USD)

- We recommend attending with comfortable shoe wear.
- This tour will proceed rain or shine! In the case of rain, the tour will only become more sinister...

All Ticket Sales are Final.

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