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City of Industry, California

Obscura Day 2016: Pioneer Dynasty - Rancho La Puente & the Conquest of California

Search for LA's hidden past with KCET's Hadley Meares at the Workman-Temple Homestead Museum in the City of Industry.

William Workman came to Los Angeles in 1841 and spawned a dynasty that would influence Southern California life for over a century. Discover the family's sprawling Rancho La Puente as we tour the original adobe home, as well as the beautiful art-deco inspired La Casa Nueva, completed in 1927.

Afterward, we will be treated to a talk from "Curious Cases" the Homestead Museum's exciting new lecture series. Paul Spitzzeri, Assistant Director of the Museum, will discuss the infamous Jenkins/Ruiz incident of 1856. When William Jenkins went to serve a writ for a $50 debt to Felipe Ruiz, an altercation erupted during which Jenkins shot and killed Ruiz. Jenkins was tried for the homicide, but a jury rendered a not guilty verdict. This case has often been discussed as an example of unresolved tensions stemming from the American conquest of California, general ethnic mistrust, and notions of the miscarriage of justice. Paul will bring the era to life and challenge participants to consider multiple points of view. Primary source material from the resulting court case and local papers will show surprising connections to issues that Angelenos still grapple with today.

This is a not to be missed, Obscura Day only event. Come get your rancho history on!

Notes for this adventure:

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes and dress appropriately for the weather.

No children under 12 years old. All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Photography is encouraged! Tag @atlasobscura & #obscuraday

A portion of ticket sales will go to the Workman-Temple Homestead Museum.

Advance tickets only. All sales are final.

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After a full day of exploring, join us for an after-party at Valley Relics w/ DJ Mukta Mohan & Magician Siegfried Tieber! Celebrate adventure with your fellow explorers, surrounded by retro signage and other modern commercial antiquities.