Obscura Day 2016: Planet-Gazing at Cincinnati Observatory - Atlas Obscura
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Cincinnati, Ohio

Obscura Day 2016: Planet-Gazing at Cincinnati Observatory

Come see Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon at the "Birthplace of American Astronomy."

Cincinnati Observatory, "The Birthplace of American Astronomy," has been scanning the skies from its perch atop Mt. Lookout since 1873. Obscura Day falls on an astronomically delightful evening, allowing observatory-goers to have an excellent chance at spotting both Jupiter and Mercury, the largest and smallest planets. Make sure you arrive before speedy Mercury sets at 9:15!

This event, which is great for all ages, includes tours of the historic observatory buildings and viewing of Jupiter, Mercury, the Moon, and more through our telescopes (weather permitting).


Saturday, April 16; 8:00pm - 10:00pm
Tickets: $7 (cash at the door)

For more info., call 513-321-5186

Cincinnati Observatory
3489 Observatory Pl. 
Cincinnati, OH 45208

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