Obscura Day 2016: Saint Simon Subterranean Celebration - Atlas Obscura
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Kansas City, Kansas

Obscura Day 2016: Saint Simon Subterranean Celebration

End your day of exploration with an underground after-party in a top secret Kansas City location!

Calling all Obscura Day adventurers! Join us for a super-secret subterranean after-party celebrating Saint Simon! 

Those seeking a truly remarkable and unusual experience are invited to join us for an end of day celebration deep down in the Kansas City underground. Intrepid attendees will descend into the rocky depths of a forgotten mine to be shepherded across the silent blue waters of the river styx before reaching the site of our secret soiree. The most unique party of your life awaits!

This event is available exclusively for Day Pass holders and attendees of our Kansas City Obscura Day events:
Explore the Wild Turkey & The Wild Wicker Sons Foundry

Directions will be disclosed via email the day of the event.
BYOB and please park interspersed throughout neighborhood.

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