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Brooklyn, New York

Obscura Day 2016: Show and Tale at Morbid Anatomy

The Morbid Anatomy Museum opens its doors for an afternoon of looking at and talking about objects surrounding death.

Show & Tale at Morbid Anatomy

We don’t like to think about it, or perhaps we do, but death is an integral part of life and should be honored through storytelling.

Did you preserve the frog you dissected in high school in a jar, much to your mother’s dismay? Or did you save your only child’s very first baby tooth? Or after your father died, did you find your grandmother’s art deco jewelry box in the back of a closet with a lock of his hair from his first baby hair cut? Or maybe you have a child’s urn--with the remains of your first dog--who your parents insisted on cremating rather than burying in the back yard?

So bring your bones, feathers, teeth, ashes, locks of hair, hair art, body parts preserved in a jar, death-related art, cremation jewelry or urns and share their story. . .Everything (death and life-related) has a story.

Show & Tale is like Antiques Roadshow meets The Moth, or your favorite Pinterest board come to life!

Everyone is welcome to share, with a 3-minute time limit. No judges, no prizes, no competition. And no need to practice! Just Show your object and share its Tale.

And you don’t have to show and tell. You can also just look and listen!

Saturday, April 16; 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Ticket Cost: Free, but capacity is limited. RSVP REQUIRED.

Morbid Anatomy Museum
424 A Third Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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