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Prague, Czech Republic

Obscura Day 2016: The Library of Strahov Monastery

Explore two stunning 17th-century libraries and a cabinet of curiosities.

Join us on Obscura Day to tour the astonishing Strahov Library, tucked within Prague's famous Strahov Monastery.

Your guide will await you at the tourist entry of the library before leading you through a historic space that holds roughly 200,000 rare prints, 3,000 manuscripts, and 1,500 first prints, mostly from the 16th through 18th century. One of the library's most prized and precious items is the Strahov Evangeliary (Book of the Gospels), a manuscript written in Latin which dates back to the Early Middle Ages.

There are two beautifully decorated halls within the library—the Theological Hall, built in the Baroque style, and the Philosophical Hall, which was built a century or so later, when they ran out of room for their books. The monastery itself was founded in 1143, and over the last millennium has survived numerous times of war and strife.

Our Obscura Day tour will offer you entry into all of the interiors of the library, including a viewing of the monastery's incredible 18th century cabinet of curiosities, with photos and video permitted. The surrounding neighborhood offers excellent places to drop in for dinner or a drink, once you've had your fill of the library itself.

Saturday, April 16; 1:00pm - 2:00pm
Price: 528 CZK

Strahov Monastery
Strahovské nádvoří 1/132
Prague 118 00

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