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Andechs, Germany

Obscura Day 2016: Underground at Aschoff's Bunker

Get in touch with your circadian rhythms and explore the field of chronobiology at this storied research site.

Do humans have an internal clock, or are our daily rhythms merely a product of external cues like daylight? In the 1960's Jurgen Aschoff, a German physician and behavioral scientist came up with a way to test this. He built an underground bunker and locked volunteers inside for weeks at a time with no access to external clues about the time of day (no natural light, no radios or televisions or clocks).

Before it fell into disuse, Aschoff's Bunker hosted more than 300 human volunteers, as well as scores of experimental birds. On Obscura Day, we will visit this now defunct chronobiology research site, and learn a bit about the experiments and what life was like for the guinea pigs (both winged and human) who experienced this "timeless" environment.

After the tour of the bunker, we will walk to nearby pilgrimage site Andechs Abbey. Following a brief tour of the famous baroque church and the historical legends surrounding it, we'll end the day relaxing with a monk-brewed beer (or other refreshment) at the world-renowned braustuberl!

Saturday, April 16: 2:00pm -4:00pm
Ticket Cost: 6 EUR

Meet-up will be at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology
Von-der-Tann-Straße 7
Andechs, 82346

If arriving by car -
Turn on von-der-Tann Straße from Herrschinger Str. and take the first left through the gates (small sign says 5-7 von-der-Tann). Come up the driveway to garages and park.

If arriving by the MVV 951 bus from either Starnberg or Herrsching -
Exit the bus at the Erlinger Höhe stop. Walk 250 m towards Andechs and turn left on von-der-Tann Str. Make your first left into the gates, walk up the driveway and you're there!

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