Obscura Day 2016: Victorian Electronica Collection and Cocktails - Atlas Obscura

New York, New York

Obscura Day 2016: Victorian Electronica Collection and Cocktails

Sip on artisan cocktails as you explore an astounding personal collection of Victorian toys and technology.

On the evening of Obscura Day, after a day of exploration and reveling in vintage wonder, Morbid Anatomy brings you into the home of Tim Mullen, a New York-based engineer with a mind-blowing collection of strange and beautiful examples of Victorian Electronica, most of which actually work! The collection ranges from antique x-ray devices to a Pre WWII TV to a funeral fan with illuminated religious figures to a “Victorian Teleport.” Sip on cocktails and delight in the technological wonders of the 19th century.

To give you a sense of what's in store, view this episode of The Midnight Archive featuring Tim and his astounding collection, directed by Morbid Anatomy's filmmaker in residence Ronni Thomas.

This event takes place at a private residence, the location will be disclosed via email the morning of the event.

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