The Last Grandfather Clockmaker's Workshop - Atlas Obscura

Lake Ariel, Pennsylvania

The Last Grandfather Clockmaker's Workshop

Join David Lindow in his workshop for a day of demonstrations and samplings, and get a hands-on tour from the last manufacturer of grandfather clocks in the United States.

Join David Lindow in his workshop for a day of demonstrations and samplings from the last manufacturer of tall clocks, commonly called grandfather clocks, in the United States. David carries out the craft from his barn in northeastern Pennsylvania where he creates clocks and other machines using machinery from the pre-computer days that the world has largely passed by. 

This Obscura Day event is a unique opportunity to see demonstrations of many different facets of clockmaking, including the cutting of gears, the turning of shafts, the stamping of blanks, and key components of layout and design. You will also get to see the rose engine lathes David produces and even have a chance to try your hand at operating them. 

David served a full apprenticeship under clockmaker Gerhard Hartwigs and took over his shop after his passing, moving it to its current location. He has spent 27 years building handmade clocks as well as gear cutting machines, the rose engines, and various other mechanisms such as fishing reels. He also specializes in restoring period clocks and other horological items as well as vintage machinery. His full shop will be at your disposal. More information on his shop can be found at


  • This event is limited to 20 people.
  • Lunch is not included; be sure to bring something to eat or snack on if you think you'll get hungry.


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