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Pasadena, California

Obscura Society LA: A Bunny Museum Saturday

"The hoppiest place on Earth" once again opens it's doors to the Obscura Society LA for an exclusive visit

In 1999, the Guinness Book of World Records certified the Bunny Museum as having "the world's largest collection of bunnies and bunny-related items" with approximately 8,500 items.  But as bunnies tend to do, they've multiplied...to the tune of now over 30,000 items! 

For Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski, their love for bunnies is a constant reminder of their love for one another. So what innocently began as an occasional bunny-related gift exchange between two partners, eventually led this enormous private collection.

From floppy ears to cottontails, all of this is on display in their Pasadena, California residence, which doubles as the museum and appropriately features bunny-themed lawn decor, light fixtures, and furniture. 

And even if you have already been, we've been informed that they've just added several new cases of items, including a bunny tribal mask exhibit. 

The Bunny Museum was named by LA Weekly in 2013 as the "best weird museum" in Los Angeles. 

Join Obscura Society LA as we "hop" around the Bunny Museum for an exclusive visit, tour, and talk with the curator herself, Candace Frazee. Plus, there will be special bunny-related activities and games outside!

Notes for this adventure:

- This event is appropriate for the whole family and kids ages six to ninety. 

- This is an open house-style event. Doors will open at 2 pm and close at 4 pm.  Come when you like and stay however long you like. The whole experience should take you 45 mins to an hour.  

-This is a private residence, as well as the Bunny Museum. So, as always, please be respectful of the space. 

-Part of the proceeds will be donated to the museum.