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Washington, D.C.

Obscura Society DC: Digging D.C.

Join us as we help find buried history with the District's archeologist and her team

This vacant lot in Georgetown may hold the remains of Yarrow Mamout, a former Muslim slave turned wealthy property owner and the subject of a famed portrait

When one thinks of archaeology, the imagination usually turns to dinosaur bones in Montana, Egyptian artifacts in Gaza and priceless jewels found by Indiana Jones in temples of doom. But digging for the past is happening all around us, even down the street from an expensive cupcake shop.

Ruth Trocolli is Washington D.C.'s official archaeologist and has made it her career to find the District's buried history. Her and her intrepid team's current goal is to uncover the life of the 19th century local celebrity Yarrow Mamout, who once lived on this now-vacant lot in Georgetown.  

Join the Obscura Society DC for an exclusive tour of the dig site to hear what they have found and are hoping to find. Afterwards, attendees will become amateur archaeologists and help dig, sift and shovel. Who knows - you could be the one to make a huge discovery! 

Notes for this adventure: 

- You will get dirty, so please wear appropriate clothes and bring water. 

- Upon arrival, you'll be asked to sign a D.C. Office of Historic Preservation legal wavier and confidentiality agreement. 

- Personal photography is allowed at the site, but can not be posted to social media without prior approval from the project. Further instructions/questions are answered in the confidentiality agreement and will be provided on the day-of. 

- Part of the proceeds of this event will be donated to the Yarrow Mamout Archaeology Project Fund.


Any questions, do not hesitate to contact Matt Blitz at matt@atlasobscura.com.