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Washington, D.C.

Obscura Society DC: How Clara Barton Found the Dead

A magical discovery led historians to figure out how Clara Barton tracked down lost Civil War soldiers

Join the Obscura Society DC as we go back in time to learn about Clara Barton, 19th century opiates, and how killed Civil War soldiers were found. 

In 1997, 437 7th Street in Northwest Washington D.C. was slated for demolition. On the final walk-through by an inspector, a small, dirty piece of paper was discovered poking through a crack in the ceiling. This paper was a hand-written correspondence dating back to the mid-19th century.  

Curious, the inspector retrieved a ladder and crawled into the attic. What he found was a treasure trove of artifacts, letters, and medical equipment untouched for 130 years. He also found a meticulously pained sign that read, "Missing Soldiers. Office. 3rd. Story, Room 9. Miss, Clara Barton." 

On March 21st at 4:30 PM, in conjunction with the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, we will:

- Explore this once-lost building and the history that went out there.

- Be joined by History Channel regular and executive director of the museum, George Wunderlich.

- Learn about the legacy of Clara Barton  - "The Angel of the Battlefield" - and how she went about finding missing Civil War solders.

- Handle real medicinal artifacts that once belonged to Clara Barton, like vials, bloody socks, and bottles of opiates.

Tickets will go fast for this exclusive event! 

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No one under 18, please, and all TICKET SALES ARE FINAL.