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Washington, D.C.

Obscura Society DC: The Capitol Stones

Join us as we learn the truth about one of D.C.'s most famed urban myths - Rock Creek Park's Capitol Stones

These historic stones are hidden in plain sight.

In 1958, parts of the east facade of the United States Capitol were demolished and renovated. This included the famed capital columns, which stood silently by as every President from Jackson to Eisenhower was inaugurated, which were moved to the National Arboretum.

But there were other stones, many that date back nearly 200 years, that were not treated with the same deference. These blocks of sandstone were stored in a back corner of Rock Creek Park, hoping these pieces of history would be hidden from the public eye. 

Join architecture historian Bill Lebovich and the Obscura Society DC on a half mile jaunt to find these legendary stones. 

Notes for this Adventure: 

- We will meet in the parking lot of Rock Creek Park Nature Center.

- This adventure will start promptly at 9 AM in order to avoid later day crowds. 

- The National Parks Service is not associated with this event. 

- While the site is technically not off-limits, we ask all attendees to use discretion, caution and respect while attending this event.

- Part of the proceeds of this event will be donated to the National Park Foundation.  

Any questions, please email matt@atlasobscura.com