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Grave Robbing 101

Tour relics of the old city cemetery and learn all you need to know to launch YOUR career as a 19th century body snatcher - today!

When the area now known as Lincoln Park was City Cemetery in the 1840s-60s, it was a regular smorgasbord for grave robbers - medical schools tended to have a "no questions asked" policy, and a fresh cadaver could pay as much as a month in the coal mines. Author and tour guide Adam Selzer leads "pupils" on a walking tour of Lincoln Park, showing relics of the old cemetery, a tomb snooping demonstration, and repeating stories and quotes from the archives about all of the body snatching that took place on the grounds - featuring enough tricks of the trade to launch YOUR career. Humorous, entertaining, and educational as all get out. As seen in the July issue of CHICAGO magazine.

Please meet outside the Chicago History Museum on North and Clark. Look for the guy with the clipboard outside the cafe.

Street metered parking is available around the museum and at the Museum Parking lot located one block north of the Museum at Clark and LaSalle Streets.

How accessible is the event? The event is mostly a walking tour. Pavement will be available, but we may also be walking off the path in the grass.

This event is hosted by Atlas Obscura Field Agent Adam Selzer. He is an author who does all kinds of neat stuff. Besides writing books on silent film in Chicago, ghostlore, antique serial killers, and unsolved mysteries (not to mention about a dozen young adult novels), he runs the Mysterious Chicago blog and tour company.  He’s been a tour guide for a decade, and talks about bizarre local history on TV and the radio regularly. See links to all his stuff at