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How to Steal an Election

A week before Election Day, learn how to steal a local, state or federal election without any of that bothersome ballot box stuffing, voting machine tampering or election fraud.

Atlas Obscura and the Chicago Corruption Walking Tour have teamed to present a night of craft cocktails and undermining democracy through this hour-long tutorial on the completely legal ways candidates have disenfranchised communities, disqualified opponents, made losses look like wins and otherwise mathed themselves straight into elected office.

You’ll learn to:

  • Fiddle with election maps to choose your voters
  • Kick potentially troublesome opponents off the ballot
  • Disenfranchise communities of color by fighting fraud that isn’t there
  • Use shaky stats to lie your way past media scrutiny
  • And get your attack ads juuuuust on the right side of libel and disclosure law

But mostly, you’ll learn to spot political shenanigans and become a more educated and informed voter and citizen.

The night of cocktails and malfeasance will be held at authentic 1920s era speakeasy Room 13. As you undermine democracy, resident bartenders will serve up classic American cocktails, using recipes and ingredients that hearken from the age of jazz and earlier. 

Adventure Notes

Doors open at 6:00pm, lecture starts at 7:00pm.

Is there an age limit? This event 21+

What about drinks? Room 13's bar staff will be on hand, mixing up a variety of vintage craft cocktails. Cash bar only.

Dress Code: Business casual attire is required. Gentlemen are asked to wear some sort of collar (jacket, sweater, button-up, etc); nice denim is acceptable (no wear and tear); no athletic wear or sneakers. We reserve the right to refuse entry if we deem someone under-dressed for the occasion.

Do I need a password to enter? Room 13's password for the night will be provided upon ticket purchase. No one will be let in the speakeasy without the password.

Parking? Street meter parking, watch out parking on side streets some are for residences only. 

Is my ticket refundable? No, sorry kids, no money back on this purchase but you can transfer it by following this handy Eventbrite tutorial.

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The event is hosted by journalist Paul Dailing, a former political beat reporter who now leads the Chicago Corruption Walking Tour and the award-winning 1,001 Chicago Afternoons blog.