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Greenville, IL

Obscura Society IL: Practical Jokes at the DeMoulin Museum

Want to be part of our club? There's a small matter of the initiation...

Invention, Imagination, and Industry: from practical jokes to band uniforms, DeMoulin's Museum tells the story.

Step back to a time when ferris wheel goats, invisible paddle machines, and guillotines were the way to welcome someone to the world of fraternalism.  Beginning in 1892, the DeMoulin company of Greenville, Illinois manufactured elaborate regalia and wacky initiation devices for the Modern Woodmen of America.  Within a few years, DeMoulin was one of the leading suppliers to groups like the IOOF, Improved Order of Redmen, and Knights of Pythias.  Over the decades, the factory evolved into today being one of the nation’s leading makers of marching band uniforms.

The DeMoulin Museum boasts one of the largest collections of fraternal initiation devices that is open to the public.  Curator John Goldsmith will demonstrate many of the pieces—volunteers are always welcome!  There are also interactive displays for all ages and an opportunity to dress up like a 19th century lodge member.  Cameras are welcome and unique photo opportunities abound.


All Ages Welcome

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