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Evanston, IL

Obscura Society IL: Tour the World's Largest Toby Jug Collection

"Toby Jugs" are vessels created in an anthropomorphic form. We'll give you the chance to explore over 8,000 of them from the last 250 years.

Possibly named for legendary drinker Henry "Toby Philpot" Ewles for his enormous capacity to imbibe (they made a jug out of his ashes), Toby Jugs grew in popularity to such a degree that at one time, nearly 200 factories were producing them in a dizzying array of shapes and sizes. The American Toby Jug Museum has collected over 100 cases of them, and you're invited to explore! 

Displayed jugs include those dedicated to political and military figures, holidays, and advertising mugs. Also on display is the world's largest Toby Jug which is over 3 feet tall. It's the world's largest collection, with more than 8,000 Character and Toby jugs from 30 different countries, ranging from their appearance in 1765 to date.

This 90-minute guided tour includes the story and history of the Toby Jug, as well as a detailed examination of the collection. 

If you happen to have a jug you'd like identified, please bring it along and the staff will be happy to tell you its story. 

Founder and creator Stephen M. Mullins, author of two books on the subject, will be on hand to lead us through his collection of Toby and character jugs, 60 years in the making. 


July 18, 2015
Cost: $10
All Ages

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