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Glendora, California

Obscura Society LA: A Castle Fit For All - Rubel Castle

Join us as we pay a visit to the most unique castle in all of Southern California.

Every kid dreams of one day having their very own castle. Built with their own two hands, brick by brick, this castle would be a place to explore, discover, live, and escape. When Michael Rubel decided to build his castle, the Rubel Castle in Glendora, he may have been an adult, but he was still a child at heart.

Join the head of the Obscura Society LA Matt Blitz as we take an exclusive Society exertion into the Rubel Castle with the Glendora Historical Society.

The story of the Rubel Castle begins in the late 50s, when Michael and his family moved to an orange packing farm in a secluded part of Glendora. Michael's mother, Dorothy Rubel, was no orange farmer, but a socialite who used the wide-open spaces and unique structures to host parties that were attended by luminaries of the day. Bob Hope, Jack Benny, and even Alfred Hitchcock were known to stop by the "Tin Palace," so-called because of the former packing warehouse the family lived in.

As awesome as the parties may have been, Michael needed his own space. So, he began construction on a real-life castle on his family's property. Started in 1968, Michael collected bottles, rocks, trash, worn-out mechanical parts, and began building. Over the next twenty years, friends, family members, and the community joined him in this pursuit, helping to build a castle out of "junk."

Finished in 1987, the Rubel Castle is a place to explore, to discover and, even, to live. There are still artists' lofts in this structurally-sound castle. When Micahel Rubel passed away in 2007, he left the castle in care of the Glendora Historical Society. It was officially placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2013.

Notes for this adventure:

-Before we enter the Castle, everyone will be required to sign a wavier form, supplied by the Glendora Historical Society. We will have the forms with us on the day of the event. 

-Please wear comfortable shoes, bring water, and protect yourself from the sun.

-Please arrive by 9:45 am, at the request of our docent.

-Children under ten are not allowed on this tour.

-This building is nearly fifty years old and has been through the elements, so please be respectful.

-Portion of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the Glendora Historical Society for the upkeep of the Rubel Castle.