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Culver City, CA

Obscura Society LA: A Cold War Past at the Wende Museum

Join Obscura Society LA as we challenge communism by paying a visit to the Wende Museum

Located in an inconspicuous business center in Culver City, California, the Wende Museum is one of the world's largest collections of Cold War-era items, paraphernalia, artifacts, and archives.

The museum currently houses nearly 75,000 items, ranging from consumer products to media (including thousands of documentaries and educational films from the era) to Eastern Bloc surveillance equipment.

The Wende Museum is also the owner of the largest stretch of the original Berlin Wall outside of Germany, which currently stands on Wilshire Blvd, making it widely accessible to the public. Another segment of the wall does sit outside of the museum itself.

The surveillance equipment pieces, currently housed in an auxiliary room, are fascinating examples of how Eastern Bloc governments used to spy on both their enemies and their own citizens. The Wende's collection includes archaic listening devices, a camera hidden in a pen, fake passports, crude satellites, and examples of surveillance cameras that were commonly used throughout the Communist Bloc.

Join Obscura Society LA as we take an exclusive tour of this collection and learn about a not-so-distant past. We will venture down into the museum's vault and look at Cold War artifacts normally not accessible to the public.

The collection is only open on weekdays. 

Notes for this adventure:

-This tour is limited to only 15 attendees. 

-The museum is a bit hard to locate. We will send out directions and instructions closer to the date. 

-Part of the proceeds will be donated to the museum.