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Van Nuys, CA

Obscura Society LA: Amazing Lasers

Go behind the scenes at the studio of Laserium, pioneers of laser light shows since the 1970s

Join us for an in-depth exploration of laser technology and a live demonstration of Laserium, the world's first continuously-running laser entertainment – in the actual "House of the Laser."

Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to be floating in space. 

On Thursday, March 19, join field agent Sandi Hemmerlein on a cosmic adventure with the people behind the great laser light shows at Griffith Park Observatory (1973-2002) and all over the world, in the studio where many of those shows were designed and choreographed.

In this intimate setting – a private event just for the Los Angeles Obscura Society – we'll delve into the retro-futuristic technology pioneered by Ivan Dryer, the father of the commercial laser light show industry. Dryer, once an aspiring filmmaker, first explored the potential artistic application of lasers at CalTech in 1970 and soon founded Laserium, recontextualizing one of the era's newest developments in science and medicine as "music for your eyes."

Laserium's shows are a three-dimensional, abstract visual spectacular featuring spirals, clouds and aurorae set to a variety of styles of music. In addition to a demonstration, we'll also have the unique opportunity to find out how the patterns of light are created and executed, with an after-show Q&A with Laserium's principal creative staff and even one of the Laserium elders. We'll learn the science of  laser physics – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation – as well as the technology of all the special effects that go into the laserists' visual light shows, which have been experienced by over 20 million people internationally. 

All Obscura Society attendees will receive a free ticket for a future scheduled Laserium show (pending availability), a $15 value.

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Light refreshments will be provided.

Advance ticket sales only! This will sell out.

Notes for this adventure:

- This event takes place on a weeknight, specifically, a Thursday evening – please allow plenty of time for travel.

- NO LATE SEATING - Arrive early, be seated before start time.

- GO BEFORE YOU GO - Restroom on premises, but no bathroom breaks during the laser show unless an emergency.

- No Smoking (of any kind)

- Free parking in lot in rear of building, or on the street along Hayvenhurst

- Handicap accessible

- This show uses a variety of special effects including a fog machine, music, and bright, flashing lights. Please contact us if you have any medical or safety concerns.

- This is a family-friendly, educational and entertaining event, but please no children under 12.

All sales are final.