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Hawthorne, CA

Obscura Society LA: Athletics, Acrobatics, and Aesthetics

Join us for freerunning and parkour training and develop extraordinary athletic skills for your next urban exploration

Ever wish that you could’ve been on Double Dare or Legends of the Hidden Temple? How about transplanted in a level from Mario Bros? Ever dream of becoming a Ninja Warrior? 

If you answered yes to any of these or you’re just plain intrigued by my strange inquiries, then you should definitely join us for an exclusive history and hands-on (and feet) experience at the Tempest Freerunning Academy. The lovechild of an X Games ramp designer and a LA-based freerunning team, this facility is the first in California dedicated to teaching the art of freerunning and parkour. For those unfamiliar,  freerunning and parkour refers to the art and the sport of running, jumping, flipping, and balancing on various objects and over obstacles while traveling from point A to point B. Parkour focuses on the efficiency of movement around obstacles and freerunning focuses more on the aesthetics of movement. So, if the acrobatics of freerunning intimidate you, you can always settle for some of the more practical movements of parkour, and vice versa if you're feeling more daring.

Our session will be divided into three parts. First, we will hear a brief history of these two sports and of the facility, then we will have a full hour of detailed instruction and training, followed by another full hour of open gym and games (i.e. "the action"). There will be three coaches on hand to walk us through the intricacies of these often misunderstood and rather technical sports. 

This event is for ages 9+; all skill levels are welcome. While it is not necessary to be in tip-top shape to participate, you should be able to run around, jump a bit and scale a 10-story building... okay, just kidding about that last part. Do keep in mind though that this is a fairly physical event and you will break a sweat. Oh and one more thing and this is very important be prepared to have tons of fun!

Afterwards, join us for a beer at Three Weavers Brewery in Inglewood. Food and beverage NOT included in the ticket price, be sure to bring some extra cash. 

Tickets: $45 Early Bird / $55 after February 1st

Notes for this adventure:

  • Online waiver must be completed before using facility. Photo ID will be required at time of entry. 
  • Family-friendly! Ages 9+ (those under 18 must have an online waiver completed by parent or legal guardian before using the facility. Photo ID of parent/guardian will be required at time of entry.)
  • This event will be at the Hawthorne (Tempest) location. 
  • Hawthorne is 19 miles from Central LA, please allow plenty of time to commute.
  • Please wear comfortable, athletic shoes and comfortable, flexible clothing (ie aerobic wear) and be prepared for some exercise (i.e. running, jumping, balancing).
  • Bring at least one bottle of water; a thermos or canteen works well too.
  • RAIN OR SHINE! This event will take place rain or shine. Event is completely indoors.
  • Bring your cameras and share your photos with us!
  • Plenty of free parking in the lot or on the adjacent streets.

Advance tickets only. All sales are final.