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Los Angeles, California

Obscura Society LA: Cemeteries of Los Angeles - Buried at Evergreen

Join us as we discover the stories hidden beneath LA's oldest official cemetery

In life and in death, there are people who always want to be noticed, who always want to be the center of attention, and who always want to be remembered, especially in the City of Angels.

From grandiose mausoleums to gardens of remembrance to absurdly tall monuments, the deceased (and their families) go to great lengths to make sure visitors remember their lives and tell their stories. Here at Obscura Society LA, we are happy to oblige.

Evergreen Memorial Park in Boyle Heights is the quintessential Los Angeles cemetery, representing the true melting pot nature of our fair city.

Established on August 23rd, 1877, this memorial park and crematory holds the distinction for being LA's first official (and privately-owned) cemetery. 136 years later, the cemetery is still very active and acts as a living (rather dead) history lesson on how a small western Mexican town became the City of Angels we all know. 

From war heroes to grocery store moguls, Evergreen is unlike any other place in Los Angeles.  

Join the head of the Obscura Society LA Matt Blitz as we explore and discover this amazing cemetery. Tales will be spun and graves will be found as Matt leads the group through this densely populated park. 

Notes for this adventure:

- This tour will be about an hour and half long. Please wear comfortable shoes and protect yourself from the sun.

- Bring water. 

- Please be respectful of services and mourners that may be in the park while we tour.

- Street parking is available.

- Meet in front of the cemetery office. Tour will start promptly at 10 am.

- Bathrooms and water may not be available to us. Please come prepared.

- Part of the proceeds will be donated to the cemetery.