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Obscura Society LA: Hidden Inland Empire: Fancy Pigeons & Temples

A day trip exploring the hidden gems of the Inland Empire from Ontario to Chino Hills

Join the Obscura Society LA and Field Agent Robert Hemedes on a day-long excursion zigzagging between cultural curiosities across Ontario and Chino Hills.

Pageant of Pigeons: An annual pigeon show hosted by the Los Angeles Pigeon Club showcasing thousands of pigeons representing 300 breeds. Frillbacks, Fantails, Trumpeters, Pigmy Pouters, Ice Pigeons, and Danzig Highflyers are all descendants of Columba livia domestica, the domestic pigeon. These fancy pigeons, are bred for specific traits related to their appearance and behavior. Some look like fashion models in feathered coats. Others have oversized breasts that would make a turkey jealous. 

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan MandirA Hindu temple in Chino Hills completed in 2012. Pink sandstone outside, Italian Carrara marble inside. Hand carved, this temple took 1.3 million man hours to construct. This Mandir is the fifth traditional Hindu Mandir in North America and possibly the largest on the West Coast.

Surprises Along the Way: Prepare for historical, cultural, agricultural surprises throughout the day! While Pageant of Pigeons and the BAPS Mandir are the two main points of interest, we will duck in and out of other fascinating sites and have a scheduled stop for lunch at a local restaurant.

Notes for this adventure:

- You will need to provide your own transportation for this event. We will be traveling as a caravan. If you’re coming as a group, we HIGHLY recommend you carpool.

- A printed guide will be provided for all the locations we will be visiting that day at our First Location.

- Meet-Up Location: Our adventure begins at 9:45 am at the Graber Olive House: 315 E 4th St, Ontario, CA, 91764

- Parking at the Second Stop: Pageant of Pigeons takes place at the Ontario Convention Center, the fee for parking is $9 per car (NOT included in the ticket price).

- The cost of lunch at the restaurant is NOT included; please bring a form of payment for your meal.

- When entering the BAPS Mandir: 1) All clothing must cover shoulders and knees. (Wraps provided) Please leave all personal belongings/backpacks inside your vehicle. 2) Shoes: Please remove any footwear before entering any of the buildings on the Mandir premises. (Shoe racks provided within the complex). 3) Photography & Videography: Handheld photography, for personal use only, may be taken from ground level outside the Mandir. Commercial use or publication of images or video of the premises is strictly prohibited. Tripods or professional photography is not permitted. 4) Food & Drink: Please refrain from eating, drinking or chewing gum inside the Mandir, Visitor Center (Haveli), and Cultural Center (Sabha Hall). Outside food or drinks are not permitted on the premises. 5) Mobile Phones: Cell phones must be switched off while inside the Mandir.

Questions? Email Field Agent Robert Hemedes: robert@atlasobscura.com

Advance ticket sales only. All sales are final.