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Los Feliz

Obscura Society LA: Disney’s First Kingdom

Explore the early homes and animation studios of Walt Disney and his family

Walk in the footsteps of Walt Disney, the godfather of American animation and theme parks.

In 1923, after folding his Laugh-O-Gram animation company in Kansas City, Walt Disney relocated to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a director for one of the major movie studios. At the age of 22 he moved in with his uncle, Robert Disney in Los Feliz. For the next four decades, he would live and work in and around this neighborhood. Starting in his uncle’s garage, Disney built a series of animation studios and created the legendary Walt Disney Company we know today.

During this walking tour we’ll explore the locations of Disney’s early residences and studios (note: we will not go inside any of these buildings). We’ll also view other local landmarks such as Prospect Studios, the Shakespeare Bridge, and John Marshall High School! This adventure is lead by Atlas Obscura Field Agent Mark Hayward, former head curator of the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago.

SECOND TOUR ADDED! 2-4 PM July 30th, tickets below.

Notes for this adventure:

This is a three-mile walking tour with moderate hills.

Check in at the southeast corner of Kingswell Street & Vermont Avenue.

Street parking is available, please read signs carefully and park at your own discretion.

Go Metro! The start location is a short walk from the Vermont/Sunset Red Line station.

Water and sun protective wear are encouraged!

Rain or shine! This tour will run as scheduled unless we're expecting dangerous weather in which case we will cancel via email. Tickets will be refunded or transferred to a rescheduled date, depending on your availability.

Advance tickets only. All sales are final.