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Los Feliz

Obscura Society LA: Disney's First Kingdom

Walk, and dine, in the footsteps of Walt Disney, the godfather of American animation and theme parks

Discover the early homes and animation studios of Walt Disney and enjoy a three-course private luncheon at Walt's favorite restaurant, the Tam O’Shanter.

In 1923, after folding his Laugh-O-Gram animation company in Kansas City, Walt Disney relocated to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming a live-action director for one of the major movie studios. At the age of 22 he boarded a train west and moved into his uncle Robert Disney’s house in Los Feliz. For the next three decades he would live and work in and around this neighborhood. Starting in his uncle’s garage, Disney built a series of animation studios and created the legendary Walt Disney Company we know today.

Part One: Walking Tour of Disney’s Early Residences and Studios
First we’ll explore the locations of Disney’s early residences and studios (note: we will not go inside any of these buildings). We’ll also view other local landmarks such as Prospect Studios, the Shakespeare Bridge, and John Marshal High School. 

Part Two: Three-Course Private Luncheon at Tam O’Shanter
Next we’ll indulge a three-course private luncheon in at the historic Tam O’Shanter, including a brief tour of the restaurant. The Tam O’Shanter was designed in 1922 by art director Harry Oliver. Its storybook architecture is thought to be the inspiration for the cottage in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We’ll view Walt’s favorite booth and perhaps indulge in his favorite menu item – Manhattans!

Notes for this adventure:

- Check-in at the southeast corner of Vermont Avenue and Kingswell Street. After Part One of the tour, we'll caravan to Tam O'Shanter, located just ten minutes away. Directions and parking information will be provided.

- In Los Feliz, street parking is available, please read signs carefully and park at your own discretion.

- This is a moderately difficult three-mile loop walking tour with some steep hills and uneven sidewalks in residential neighborhoods.

- Water, sun protective wear and walking shoes are strongly recommended.

- Alcohol is NOT included in the ticket price. 

- Not recommended for adventurers under 21 years of age.

- This adventure makes a great gift!

Advance tickets only. All sales are final.