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Obscura Society LA: Exotic Meat Market & Farm

Sample exotic meat at a free range farm in the Inland Empire

Many people visit farm-to-table restaurants, but how often have you met the "happy animal" on the end of your fork? 

Join the Obscura Society LA and Field Agent Robert Hemedes on a guided tour of the Exotic Meat Market and Farm, a 13-acre property filled with llamas, alpacas, ostriches, emus, and other game animals. Learn how animals are raised, harvested, and sold and participate in a "mystery meat" tasting.

Anshu Pathak has been buying and selling meat since the 1980s. Frustrated with sellers who refused to reveal the age and lineage of their animals, he decided to open the Exotic Meat Market, his own farm where he knew exactly what he was getting. With plenty of space and excellent care, these free range animals live side-by-side peacefully, and it's not unusual to see ostriches in the same pen with goats, llamas, and peacocks or a water buffalo trotting alongside alpacas and sheep. In addition to selling animals raised on the farm, Anshu also offers a variety of other meat sourced from around the world including elk, beaver, armadillo, lion, coyote, camel, woodcock, and scorpion fish. The Exotic Meat Market does NOT sell prohibited or endangered species. 

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Notes for this adventure:

- This is not a petting zoo. You must be 18 years old or older to participate in this event. No minors allowed.

- The farm is located about 80 miles east of Los Angeles. You must provide your own transportation to the farm.

- Access to the farm requires driving and parking on a dirt road.

- Please wear jeans and sturdy, closed-toed shoes with firm gripping. High heels, sandals, and flip flops are not allowed.

- Directions for the exact meeting spot will be emailed to participants the week of the tour.

- After the farm tour, attendees will the have the option to participate in a mystery meat tasting. The tasting is included in the ticket price.

- Photography and video are encouraged!

- A liability waiver is required for this event.

Advance ticket sales only. All sales are final.