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Santa Clarita

Obscura Society LA: Going Gibbon!

Join Obscura Society LA as we go ape over the "songbirds of the primate family."

The Gibbon Conservation Center in the Santa Clarita was established in 1979 with a focus on the study and conservation of gibbons - small apes from the forests of Southeast Asia.

The GCC, for short, houses the rarest group of primates in the Western Hemisphere and currently has more than 40 gibbons, including 5 of the 17 existing species and representing all 4 genera. Their gibbons live in family groups, adults and offspring, giving visitors the opportunity to observe the monkeys mere feet away from their enclosures.

Gibbons are often referred to as the “songbirds of the primate family" because they mark their territory by vocalizing/singing. Often, the adult male and female will sing "a duet" and their offspring will join in. So, don’t be surprised if the gibbons suddenly break out in song while we observe them, performing their very own version of Lion King.

Lively and acrobatic, gibbons love to swing at high speeds around their enclosure while singing their territorial songs. These endangered, small, arboreal apes are considered to be among the world’s greatest acrobats. 

Join Obscura Society Field Agent Robert Hemedes as we take a private society-only tour of this beautiful -- and loud -- conservation center.  The educational tour begins promptly at 11 AM, so please arrive early. The tour will last up to an hour and a half. Following the tour of the facility, we will have a Q & A session with the volunteers entrusted to take care of these mini apes. Pictures are highly encouraged, so bring a camera or your Iphone!


- Tour starts promptly at 11 am. Please arrive by 10:45 am.

- Santa Clarita is off the 5 and is approximately 30-45 mins from Los Angeles, depending where you are departing from.

- This tour is for all ages!