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Obscura Society LA: Winter is Coming - A Multidisciplinary Health Forum

Join us as we learn secrets to staying healthy through the lens of Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and a Detox Witch

Los Angeles may be known for amenable weather, but even the mildest of SoCal seasonal change can bring sickness, malaise and bodily imbalance. Nontraditional schools of medicine can offer valuable insight on preventative, curative and everyday health as you make the seasonal leap.

Obscura Society LA and The Hive House present a dynamic afternoon of holistic information as Los Angeles transitions from autumn into winter. Three lectures, tastings, a cupping demonstration and an open forum discussing home remedies and herbs will constitute this unique day of health education!

The afternoon will begin with Kate Purdy leading a discussion of essential Ayurvedic Medicinal techniques for the “vata season,” including tea, mung dahl soup and the use of ghee in the Ayurvedic vocabulary.

Next on the docket will be how one can detoxify and protect the body for winter, with “Detox Witch” Catherine Oyster. She will give us an overview of essential (and non-essential) vitamins, how to make your own organic face lotion and a simple, impactful recipe for an amazing “Tumeric Toddy.”

As you sip on her ginger mint tea, California Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist Jacqueline Gabardy will round out the night with a history of Chinese medicinal practices for the winter months. Jacqueline will talk about the importance of temperature and digestion, proper attire and as an extra treat, give us an in-home “fire cupping” demonstration!

About the lecturers:

Jacqueline Gabardy, L.Ac is a California Board Certified Acupuncturist and Herbalist, as well as food blogger at SweetBeetAndGreenBean.net.  While she is a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, her roots actually lie in Western science. Not only was she raised by two chemist parents who had her doing science experiments at the kitchen table, but she also got her Bachelor's in Biological Sciences from the University of Southern California before attending her Masters program for Acupuncture. This informs so much how she practices and writes, bringing a balance of East and West to everything she does. While she mostly preaches the virtues of traditional and real food diets, she also believes that sometimes a slice of cake is good for the soul.

Catherine Oyster is a woman of many hats, (yes she’s very fashionable) but seriously, she is a writer, television producer, blogger, and even a bit of a scientist. Catherine’s most curious hat is one of a witch. Her blog called Detox Witch doesn’t cast spells. Rather the Detox Witch banishes toxins from beauty products and household items, then finds magical low toxin products to help folks lead healthier lives. She lives in the Eagle Rock neighborhood of Los Angeles with her husband and their pet box turtle Dexter.

Kate Purdy is a television writer who was healed through Ayurvedic Medicine.  She has since become deeply interested in Ayurveda, and works part-time in the clinic where she received her healing.  

About the Hive House: The Hive House is a spiritually based community created by Stacy Dacheux and Kate Purdy.  It's run out of Kate's house.  Stacy and Kate host a monthly, outdoor yoga class, as well as weekly morning meditations, and other various events.  They are committed to sharing and learning about alternative healing, art, writing, native cultures, and sustainable living.     

Notes on this adventure:

-The exact location of the health forum will be released to ticketholders closer to the event date. It will be in the Echo Park area. Please be respectful, as it is a private residence.

-Please let the event producer know if you have any allergies or aversion, so that we can make the proper accommodations.

-Bring any remedies, recipes or tips you would like to share!

All ticket sales are final.